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In the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) processes, the reaction is identical to the SNCR, but the addition of a catalyst makes it possible to carry out the reaction at a lower temperature, and with a better efficiency (up to more than 95% ).

The range of use of the SCR catalysts is generally between 180 and 450 ° C. The catalyst is formed by a support, usually ceramic (sometimes metal), impregnated with the active phase. The support can then take several forms: monolith, plates or pellets.

These catalysts are sensitive to some poisons present in the flue gas. That’s why their implementation requires know-how and experience in order to have a powerful and reliable installation.

The advantages of SCR are:

  • Customized design according to the installation to be treated
  • High and stable performance
  • Limited reagent consumption

The PROSSERGY offer includes:

  • Studies and engineering on new installations or in revamping
  • The construction of complete SCR units
  • Performance monitoring on existing installations