Engineering, Expertise and Service

Our teams work on the complete value chain: from design to project management or turnkey project execution, including audit and optimization on existing installations.

We support you in a wide range of industries such as cement, energy, waste recovery, biomass, chemicals and petrochemicals, nuclear power, oil, gas, glass and other industries


Les éPROSSERGY teams are involved from the beginning of your projects, by making you their experience in the design of processes. This step is crucial in order to achieve new or revamping installations that are efficient, reliable and secure, with optimized construction and operating costs.

Prossergy brings you specific solutions and teams with experience for:
  • Construction of a new unit
  • Increase of production or efficiency
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Modernization of an existing installation
Our expertise:
  • Process design
  • Development of PFD & PID schemes
  • Realization of energy and material balance
  • HAZOP Review, Risk Analysis
  • EX regulations
  • Functional analysis
  • Dimensioning of thermal and hydraulic equipment
  • Optimization and reliability of processes
  • Assistance for commissioning
ingenierie procede
Photo CFD


PROSSERGY offers you calculation expertise at all stages of your projects for equipment sizing. Our expertise:
  • CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) calculations, fluid mechanics
    • Flow calculations
    • Mixing
    • Heat exchanges
    • Combustion
  • Thermal calculations on heat exchangers and industrial boilers
  • Combustion calculations for all types of fuel
  • Hydraulic calculations for sizing lines and equipment


The best processes is not completed until a careful engineering and realization is achieved. The strong integration of our activities with the realization of "turnkey" units allows us to offer our clients detail engineering services with an important experience.

On new installations or in revamping, our teams of engineers, technical leaders and designers master all technical skills for the design of storage facilities for liquids, pumping, dosing and piping expertise.

To ensure maximum quality and reliability, all projects are designed on 3D CAD system.
installation generale
installation generale bis
Our expertise :
  • Power balance of utilities
  • Realization of piping and valve specifications
  • 3D design of installations and layout
  • Process skid
  • Detailed drawings of steel and piping equipment for manufacturing
  • Equipment specification
    • Pumps, exchangers, tanks, reactors, filtration systems, aeraulic and hydraulic equipment
    • Valves
    • Pipe
    • Instrumentation
  • Bid spec
  • Functional analysis
  • Production monitoring, factory and on-site inspection
  • Specification of equipment assembly work, piping, insulation, paint and steel structure
    • Isometric drawings
    • Call for tender
    • Supervision of the works
    • Commissioning
  • Monitoring of works


PROSSERGY provides expertise and audit services on existing installations in the fields of:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Combustion
The purposes are:
  • Troubleshooting
  • Improve the efficiency of the equipments
  • Modify the installation to comply with the regulations.
  • Make equipment more reliable
audit et optimisation